My Capabilities


Mobile & Web UX / UI Design
Responsive Web Design
Design Systems
Workshop facilitation


Creative Strategy
Creative Research
Project Management


Sketch & Wireframes
Prototyping User Flows
User Testing
Interactive Prototyping


Conceptual UX / UI Design
New Products & Services
Branding & Identity

Design's an Investment - Not a Cost

Every business wants to be successful. Success is subjective but can be materialised by an increase in revenue, a rise in sign-up rates, and many more. How do I help you get there? I start by taking the right approach: invest in design, it’s more than colours, it’s an effective business tool.

01 / Strategize

I start by creating strong relationships with my clients by proving that I believe in the company's long-run success and I’m here to reach it. Doing so from the beginning is key, building strong relationships will create a transparent work environment while clearly understanding the clients needs.

02 / User Research

Am I designing for myself? Or for the end-users? Well, end-users it is and always will be. To get to the best user-centered solution, I significantly invest in user research. By doing so, I can identity how to approach the solution and users needs based on data.

03 / UX - UI Design

Design’s more than just style, or usability. Through UX and UI I acquire and integrate the solution, branding, design, usability and function altogether to insure we go beyond what the user expects, and provide him with what he truly needs.

04 / Testing & Delivering

Once the product finalized, it’s tempting to deliver the solution right away. Before doing so, a crucial part exist in order to anticipate mistakes, pain points and bugs. I quickly prototype, test the solution with users and iterate based on their feedback/data until they and the stakeholders are confident of the result.

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