Federico - UX / UI Designer from Switzerland focusing on Web & Mobile Design.

My goal is to provide the world with intuitive and easy to use technologies while efficiently optimizing business goals.

What I Can Do For You

Web & Mobile Design
UX - UI Design

What People Say

I was impressed by Federico's discipline and rapid integration in a new environment. We collaborated only for a few weeks but he proved to be a great addition to the team by bringing in a positive attitude along with a serious work ethic.

Jerome Moeri

President at Navori SA

Federico is a team player and a great addition to any team. He is remarkably comfortable working under pressure without his work being affected.

Diego Fanara

CEO & Co-Founder of Unibuddy

Federico Bugnone is a unicorn candidate for any User Experience position. He is brilliant, honest, and incredibly hard working. Federico seeks to understand complex situations and problems, develop empathetic and outcomes-focused solutions, and strives to perform above expectations, even under tight deadlines.

Ross Sylvester

Product Lead at CampusLogic

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